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Saturday. 9.27.08 3:01 am
Okay apparently our house was driving too fast and went right out in front of a car. ha ha.

Seriously, we woke up to a car right through the back yard. They hit the back of the house and we have glass everywhere. Ummmm...... the yard is NOT a road!

So, we are victims of drunk drivers.

If you have been drinking, don't drive! Idiot. You might mistake a house for a road. Duh!

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Grue Furry Feet
Saturday. 9.20.08 1:25 am
Hmm, well if grue is a monster, that totally explains the furry shoes. lolol. I figure grue was a great new name for a color, it kinda grew on me. lololol. Sorry, it had to be said.

So, as promised, here are the furry shoes. They are just so.....furry and colorful.

What else did I do today? I made some awesome skateboards. Well, I made some that you can make. I made one that is a photo collage and you can put in whatever photos you want to. There are 20 of them. And then I made a 3 skateboard mural, that you can customize. You have to replace the picture with your own, of course. But the picture you put on, you can stretch over three skateboards and hang them on the wall. Way cool. You can see them at Cool Boards.

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Should have slept some
Friday. 9.19.08 11:49 am
Okay, so I was up all night coughing. I am obviously sick and it isn't a sinus infection. Bummer. So, while I was up, I thought I would make some furry shoes. I can't show them since they haven't posted yet. It takes too long! I love them! They look so....furry. I will show them later when they show up in the gallery.

So, then I got to thinking that I really hate the names for the shoes. I used numbers because I didn't know what to name them and was having a heck of a time naming them by color. So, I ended up making up some names for the designs. I love the new names, I hope you do too. We now have burple shoes, reay shoes, yellack shoes, grue shoes, and so forth. Obviously this is from the lack of sleep. uh huh. Well, the new names should give people a giggle or two...maybe even three.

Which got me thinking that people are way too sad, depressed and miserable nowaday. So I say "Smile And Be Happy". And wear some burple or yellack shoes. lol.

Well, have a great day.

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Thursday. 9.18.08 8:02 pm
Okay, so I have been reading other people's blogs. Apparently the social rules have changed and I missed the change. People are talking about their daily lives, which I thought was a big no no. Are they doing this out of boredom or to let other people know that they are human? I am not sure. Since I am bored, I figured I would try it out. So here is my life in a bottle.

We are in the middle of moving..again. I am so sick of moving but so excited at the same time. I can get my kids out of this school, who's primary goal seems to be to teach children racial hatred. That so ticks me off. They should be concentrating on teaching them match and reading and such, instead of handing out coloring books that tell them that white farmers are abusive to hispanic farmers. I mean, really, is that something they need to know in Elementary school? And it isn't even factual.

I am so tired of fighting with this school. I asked them like five times not to give my kids candy and any foods with food dye in them. Did they listen? No of course not. The teacher insists that it is perfectly fine to give them skittles every day. Mind you, I told them that the food dyes cause my autistic son to have seizures. Duh??? It doesn't seem like rocket science to me but, I guess it is. It has taken seven years, but he is finally diagnosed with epilepsy. These poor kids have so many problems and yet they are so darned tough and energetic. Good for them!

The other cool thing about moving is that we will be in our own house. The kids will have a yeard to play in and I will have all the room I want to ...... make messes. lol. I am super excited to get back to making soap, baking and sewing again. Yeah, I am gonna work less on my t-shirt designs. But I work too much anyways and need to do some other things that I enjoy. Besides, I am out of natural soap. I am convinced that I can somehow make liquid soap out of it. I am close. Rebatching is kind of difficult, you can't do as much and when you try to make liquid soap, it turns to this weird gel stuff. I got it to become a cream sort of thing but no suds :(. Getting there.. just need suds. So, that will be fun to play with again.

When we move we won't have internet for awhile. Amazingly that area isn't covered by anyone, it seems. And somehow they forgot to put in a phone jack??? How does that happen? So, I get a vacation from doing t-shirt designs. I love doing them, but they are alot of work. I thought it would be a fun hobby when I got hurt and couldn't do anything else. I didn't expect it to be as much work as it is. And of course, I am picky so I draw everything by hand which takes longer. But they are original, that counts right? And of course, I just keep coming up with more and more ideas. Which gives me more to do.

I am trying to figure out the best way to incorporate the matching designs into the website. I love my website. I love the colors. I did a really bad job about giving myself room, though.

That is all I have for now. That didn't help my boredom as much as I had hoped. I am still bored. I also don't want this to end up being some huge novel that is like 10 pages long. Yeah, I could talk that much. Sorry about my spelling, I type too fast. I do know how to spell, honest. So, was that totally boring, or what? Let me know if I should keep writing like this or go back to impersonal posts.

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Matching Products!
Thursday. 9.18.08 6:07 pm
This will take awhile to finish but I have a start of matching products. The basic designs for these products are all abstract. I didn't know the best way to name them since there are sooo many. So, they are named by number. I have four galleries that will have the same matching designs. The shirts have a design overlayed ontop of the original matching abstract design. I hope you like them. Here is an example of a matching line:



We also will have ties, skateboards and other accesssories (mousepads, mugs, keychains, etc).

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Is Zazzle like Cafepress?
Saturday. 8.30.08 1:42 am
I was asked if Zazzle is like Cafepress, and yes it is with some differences. Zazzle is a print on demand company that prints on several ddifferent kinds of products.

I started out using Cafepress in 2001 and things have changed alot since then. I chose to use Zazzle this year just to see what it was like. I have to say that I really like Zazzle. It takes alot of work to put up as many designs as I have (over 5000) but it is well worth the work. Just recently they brought out Keds shoes and skateboards that we can print our designs on, which I see as a huge step forward. They also have postage stamps which Cafepress got rid of some time ago.

The thing I love the most is that the customer can customize the designs, on their own. With Cafepress if someone wanted a saying on a product or wanted to add a picture, they would have to contact me and I would have to make a new picture for them and add it to products. This would cause them to have to wait to order whatever it was they wanted. On Zazzle they can add their own saying and we can set up the designs so that they can add their own pictures. No waiting, no troubles, and they get it how they want it. Here are a few examples.

In this Halloween Greeting Card, I have set it up so that the customer can put their own greeting on the front of the card, they can put a saying on the inside of the card, they can sign the card with anyone's name that they want to, and if they don't like the huggable lamb they can put a hallowwen picture of their own.

In this Christmas Greeting Card, I have set it up so that the customer can put their own greeting on the front of the card, they can put a saying on the inside of the card, they can sign the card with anyone's name that they want to, and they can add a family photo.

Here are a few other examples of designs that can be customized:

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